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    Hong Kong is a fast paced and bustling city, a place that never miss a beat in the world of finance and business, and a place that presents opportunities for top international brands. But in a place that seems to have it all something, something that belongs to Hong Kong is still missing.


    iSUM was created with the vision to become a trusted brand that the people of Hong Kong can rely on. Founded by skin care experts, iSUM hopes to create personal care products that belongs to Hong Kong and are made for the people of Hong Kong. The name of "iSUM" is close to the Cantonese pronunciation of the characters "愛心", which means love. The logo "i 心" uses the Chinese character "沁", which means seep. All of elements of iSUM represent creator’s wish for the products to penetrate through the heart and life of Hong Kong.


    Top skin care research for developing skin care made for Hong Kong.

    International accredited scientists. Top of the line cosmetic laboratory. Advanced technology manufacturing factory.


    Understanding the climate of Hong Kong, iSUM created a skin care product line that is made for the people of Hong Kong. Continuing their rigorous skin care testing research and combining nature’s most valuable ingredients to create the perfect blend of nature and innovation. Elevating a simple skin care routine to a cannot miss experience.


  • Story of Sandalwood

    Because of Sandalwood

    Sandalwood - a precious extraction ingredient, suitable for Hong Kong weather.


    Provide an exceptional care treatment caused by eczema. Moisturize skin to the very last minutes.

  • What can we do about the current social status in Hong Kong?


    iSUM’s goal is to give back to Hong Kong. “We need to encourage Hong Kong with new ideals, banding together to make a change to a new generation of Hong Kong.” Founded on love, iSUM operates on the mission of love and charity more than the pursuit of innovative and fine products iSUM takes notice of the society and charities of Hong Kong. Through creative combination of iSUM products and local charities, we hope to share the warmth and love with Hong Kong.

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